Saturday, September 7, 2013

Three Dog Night

I'm resentful that I don't know the rules of my new life. I'm resentful that my life has new rules. Went out for 1.5 hours and came home to a pile of dog shit in the kitchen. It was Krypto, I know. I know because he hadn't had one all day. Now that we're in a house without a fence, without a doggie door, they rely on me to walk them on leashes for exercise, bathroom breaks, exploration, etc. This is all new to them AND to me. I'm excited about a lot of aspects of this new chapter of my life but I resent having to start a new chapter. I had made peace with LIVING in Wilmington. I had EMBRACED my home and all of that was not meant to be. I resent that tonight. Still...picking up dog shit in the kitchen is easier than dealing with certain other shitty aspects of my life in Wilmington.

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