Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Magician

Joined the Asheville Movement Collective today for an "ecstatic dance" - I love that description. It reminds me of Sufis and whirling dervishes and nuns on the brink of orgasm. And the idea behind the Collective is the same: to strip your mind of random thoughts and ego and reach a meditative state through motion. The guide gave the group a general prompt (think about the person you are when you dance and how you present that part of yourself to he world. Is that good or bad?)

It's great for me, I like myself when I dance. People like to watch me dance. I like just immersing myself in the music and turning the vibrations, the sound, that energy into something physical. It's freaky magic, to me. My definition of magic is turning thought into reality. Now I'm going to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Now I'm going to create a poem. Now I'm going to build a house. That's all magical to me. You had a thought, an intangible thing...and you made it tangible.

"Look, I made a hat, where there never was a hat."



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