Thursday, September 5, 2013

One Night

Night #1 in the new home in the mountains. Tried out the bathtub and it was relaxing. My agent brought me a  bottle of Espolon. She's a Christian soul! Tonight I'm overwhelmed with every emotion and thought that a person could have, and they're all so boringly typical. I'm stepping away from a 19 year relationship that had too many flaws to justify continuing it. I won't explore that topic tonight but suffice to say that I love him very much, of course but could no longer excuse the whirlwind of drama. 

I have spent SO. MUCH. MONEY this month. A down-payment on a home, new furniture, 4 new tires on the car, tickets to shows (more on that later), moving expenses, washer & dryer, and incifuckingdentals: everything from cooking utensils to towels, groceries to laundry detergent. I'm stunned. It'll be interesting to watch The Man come and take everything away. 

Shiver Dawg is getting old. He smells rotted and his new Mountain Man vet is concerned that he may have Cushings disease. I have that guilty parent syndrome thinking it's something I may have caused. Mistakes may have been made. I paved the road to Hell. 

The other night I dreamt of knives, continental drift divide, mountains sitting in a line. 

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