Sunday, September 8, 2013

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

I was at a club and had too much to drink so my friend L brought me home to sleep in her guest room. There was some business with the dogs, getting her dogs settled and in their beds (they slept in red & white knitted pouches that hung from a hook outside the closet, like puppy papooses).

I climb into bed and overhear her having words with her husband; he wasn't expecting company, why am I here, this is an inconvenience, etc.

What can I do at this point? So I climb into bed and go to sleep.

Later her husband, G, comes in and I pretend he didnt wake me up. Then he sits at the foot of the bed and starts talking to me so I "wake up." G is completely naked. Now his face is radical in that one eye has been removed and there's a miniature, glassy barbers pole in the socket, which is held open by clamps. The other side of his face is scarred and burned from all of the surgery. He focuses on me with his one good eye when he thinks about it but when he doesn't, I'm staring at that stubby barber's pole spinning deep in his eye socket. There's also an inflatable collar around his neck, something connected to his recovery. It keeps his chin very elevated.

His face isn't that noticeable compared to his naked body. It's beautiful. From the neck down, he looks like The Perfect Man. Broad muscled shoulders and biceps, beautiful pecs, a lean abdomen, his chest and stomach covered with dark hair. I asked him if he's been working out and he doesn't reply. I ask if he's still working in his shop and he snaps at me and starts to cry, "No, I work out at the gym all day. I can't work around people with my face looking like this!"

The whole time we talk, he massages my feet. Then he stands up and I see his erection. This is about to get good but then he walks away and asks if I'll drive him and L to church. Sure.



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